Tesla Russian Arm

Welcome to LasVegasCameracar.com, your go-to destination for high-quality camera car rentals in Las Vegas! Our state-of-the-art camera cars are perfect for capturing stunning footage of your next film, TV show, or commercial.

We take pride in providing the best camera car rentals in Las Vegas, with a variety of options to choose from to suit your specific needs. Our vehicles are equipped with the latest camera and stabilization technology to ensure that you get the best possible footage.

Whether you need a camera car for a high-speed chase scene, a car commercial, or a music video, we have you covered. Our prescion drivers are smooth, safe and will do what it takes to get the shot you need.

At LasVegasCameracar.com, we understand that every project is unique, which is why we offer multiple on-road and off-road options to fit your needs and budget.

Tesla Russian Arm

High performance, nearly silent and all the versatility you would expect from the Ultra & Radical Arms.

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Tesla Pursuit Car

Ultra high performance Tesla chase car with Ludicrous acceleration and Black Arm provide great high g-force stability.

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RZR Russian Arm

1000cc Turbo, 4-seat, off road Russian Arm.

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Some of our work

Below are examples of past projects we have worked on. Most times, clients will opt to use not only our Russian Arm and Camera Car systems, but also our Drones. We offer multi-system discounts on Car + Drone packages.

Car to Car shots done right.

Las Vegas’s only Motocrane Ultra Arm and Radical Arm crew will deliver precise and dynamic car to car shots every time. Save thousands over the leading Russian Arm providers from LA while working with a dedicated and talented camera car crew.

Cooke Anamorphic Arm Car1

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